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HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a fantastic way to achieve a full body workout within one 45-minute class. The class is split into numerous 30 second bodyweight mat based exercises that target multiple areas around the body.

ALL HIIT classes are very welcoming and adaptable to suit all levels.


Tone aims to improve mobility, increase flexibility, strength, balance by using bodyweight and small hand-held weights during functional exercises.

This is performed at a relaxed and achievable pace. A great class for those looking to step back into fitness or work on improving mobility.


Outdoor Circuits are a great way to get out and grab some fresh air along with breaking a sweat!

This station-based class will provide: warm-up exercises/games. Along with resistance, cardio, and agility training to test you throughout a 45 minute to 1 hour class.


Indoor Circuits provide a station-based class that includes dynamic moves, weights, mat based moves and TRX (suspension bands) stations.

This class hits the body all over and sets you up for your day to day life.


Join a yoga flow week to week. These classes are provided by very experienced teachers that pay attention to the detail in every move. Whether you are new to yoga or are well practised in a number of flows these classes will provide the answer.


In this dynamic class you’ll use a combination of bodyweight resistance and high repetitions to work all major muscle groups. Particular focus is given to activating and tone the arms, thighs and core. Despite being a high intensity full body workout, this class is low impact and is suitable for all fitness levels. Changes from class to class ensure you keep your muscles guessing.

Please Note: All packages of 10 class credits can be used at any Core4Fitness class throughout the week.
Packages have a 4 month shelf life from day of purchase.

Core4Fitness are such great motivators and makes all their classes fun and enjoyable! They always encourage you to reach your full potential so you know you are getting the best from every class. My fitness has improved so much since I started with Core4Fitness, I highly recommend to all, give his classes a go!


Highly recommended. Having recently started PT sessions with Tom, my motivation to exercise more has really invested and already feeling fitter and stronger. The sessions are enjoyable and varied, helping me to know what to do in my own time as well.
Five stars!