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Core4Fitness provides personal training in your home, at the gym or in your natural surroundings. The first step is to meet at your convenience and plan a programme that best fits your life to achieve your goals. We then build a solid and clear training relationship that allows us to achieve the overall long-term goal.

Training with Core4Fitness is fun, rewarding and most importantly creates results! All the trainers are experienced professionals with a strong, positive attitude to life. Please Contact Us to take the first step towards your goal.

“Tom is a very personable and motivating trainer who works his magic in both group bootcamps & 1:1 sessions. Got me from Zero to Tough Mudder & GRIM challenges in a season & is also great with kids, training my 12 year old son & his sisters too when it’s sunny! Great job Tom…!


“I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Tom for his sessions over the last few months. They’re killers, but definitely fun, and I always look forward to them. The results have given me so much more confidence – thanks! See you next week! Thanks again Tom!”